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» Stanbic IBTC and Goldman Sachs appointed as advisers to Nigeria's $100 million Diaspora bond issue
» Over 500,000 applicants participate in recruitment exercise for 4,556 immigration jobs. Applicants die in stampede at Abuja stadium - minister blames deaths on applicant's impatience
» Nigerian government reacts to the killing of a Nigerian student in Ghana
» Islamic Development Bank Group launches Business Plan competition for sub-Saharan countries
» Akwa Ibom state government to build a snow resort in the state
» Massive explosion in Abuja, Nigeria - Hundreds of people dead or injured.
» Kidnap victims, decomposing bodies, human skulls and body parts found in an abandoned building in Ibadan
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» Africa Has Enough Of Crimea At Home
» Akwa Ibom must produce the next president of Nigeria or else
» Delta 2015 Governorship: Anioma Should First Take Themselves Serious
» Thrill Seeking Death At Any Age To Those Left Behind
» Let Odua, Boko Haram, Niger Delta & Biafra go
» Needed To Lead Africa To Dignity Land
» Things Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala won't understand about Nigeria
What do you think of Goodluck Jonathans performance so far?
Terrible. He has made poor choices & bad actions
Average. He has been so-so so far.
Excellent. He has gone beyond my expectations so far
Not sure.
Too early to say anything

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   I'm a well known hit man but this time i saw
omething i haven't see before, I can even tell you the colour of the t ...

(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  zandile  

   My love all I want is a true relationship for
us and a beautiful life,but you must bring your side as well. ...

(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  Nurjhaan  

   I love you
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  crystal  

   I love you
(5) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  Nontobeko  

   The love I have for you is real
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  henry  

   From God's lip to our ears.
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  nate  

   I love u so much, I'm such a lucky girl to ha
e you in my life your my soul mate, best friend, lover and the love of ...

(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  Laura burgess  

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  Itace ..Submitted By jikawap Hausa

  aaaaaaaaaa ..Submitted By ADMIN Hausa

  Hope  ..Submitted By Feminicola Yoruba

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  MUNACHI ..Submitted By aris Igbo-Names

  chi wu eze ..Submitted By samuelugim Igbo

  Lola oluwa, ko sohun ti o ya wa ..Submitted By Nneoma Yoruba

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» check yoruba/frensh translations..Submitted By rahma
» Translate this from Igbo-English!..Submitted By Thereseyvette
» Please Translate Into English Ot Italian..Submitted By OKEYCC
» help please..Submitted By princesszoonia
» Need help for translating to English please.....Submitted By StellaMa
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